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Yangquan explores new low-carbon development path

Updated: 2024-04-25


Wind turbines use wind to generate electricity in the mountains. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

Yangquan is forging a new path toward low-carbon development with its "advanced coal-fired power plants + new energy + energy storage stations" strategy, which is set to optimize its power supply structure through diverse energy sources.

In Yuxian county, 42 wind turbines harness wind energy efficiently, while the Huayang Construction Investment Yangquan Thermal Power Project runs two stable 660MW low-calorific-value coal generating units. The Qingyulan Rongshi Energy Storage Power Station complements these efforts by storing energy for peak-demand periods.

Yangquan's shift to a multi-energy complementary power structure aligns with its green energy goals. The city has upgraded its coal-fired power plants, such as the No 4 Yangguang Power Plant, resulting in significant energy savings and efficiency improvements.

Additionally, the upscale of the Yangguang Phase II coal-fired power project contributes to a cleaner and low-carbon transition in the industry. The Yangquan Lu'an City New Photovoltaic Power Station exemplifies this shift, generating 240 million kWh since its launch in 2018.

Yangquan's focus on new energy development is pivotal for achieving carbon neutrality. Projects like the Qingyulan Rongshi Energy Storage Station's 200,000 kW independent energy storage capacity, and the upcoming Hongshengtong 100,000 kW project demonstrate the city's commitment to energy security and environmental sustainability.

This comprehensive approach to energy transition positions Yangquan as a key player in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in terms of clean energy supply. With its total energy storage capacity expected to reach 1 million kW by 2025, Yangquan is poised to lead the way in low-carbon, sustainable energy practices.