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Yangquan fully promotes intelligent connected vehicle industry

Updated: 2024-04-22


Baidu's unmanned autonomous vehicle. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Yangquan in North China's Shanxi province is making significant strides in promoting the intelligent connected vehicle industry.

With the strategic concept of "vehicle-road-cloud integration", the city is embracing the future of automotive technology. This approach utilizes high-precision maps, sensors, cloud computing, and other next-generation ICTs to facilitate seamless information exchange between people, vehicles, roads, and the cloud. This new technology enhances the perception of a vehicle's environment and enables intelligent decision-making, ensuring safe and efficient autonomous driving.

Recent developments showcase the city's progress. Self-driving taxis and buses are now operational on the streets, offering convenient and eco-friendly transportation options. Smart unmanned delivery vehicles are revolutionizing logistics, while autonomous security vehicles enhance urban safety and management. These advancements are all part of Yangquan's commitment to building a diversified and innovative smart mobility ecosystem.

Since February 2022, Yangquan has pioneered commercial operations of autonomous vehicles in the shared mobility, retail, delivery, cleaning, and security sectors. The city has also invested in smart intersections that support advanced autonomous driving levels and has implemented a comprehensive vehicle-city-cloud platform for safety monitoring.

Additionally, Yangquan's implemented legislative support, such as the "Yangquan Intelligent Connected Vehicle Management Measures", to provide a solid legal framework for industry development. This ensures regulatory compliance and fosters a conducive environment for commercialization and innovation.