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Yangquan establishes open university

Updated: 2021-10-14

The unveiling ceremony of Yangquan Open University was held in the city of Yangquan on Oct 14. 

At the ceremony, the Yangquan branch of Shanxi Radio and TV University was renamed Yangquan Open University. 

After around 40 years of operation, the branch has formed a multi-level and diversified education and teaching system covering occupational middle schools, junior colleges, and universities offering bachelor's degrees, and has cultivated all kinds of applied, skilled, and compound professionals to benefit society. 

In terms of continuing education, based on the needs of Yangquan's socioeconomic development, the university has carried out education for in-service employees and professional and technical personnel of various Party and government agencies, enterprises, and institutions in the city, and offered nearly 300,000 training opportunities. 

The university has also offered educational opportunities to local senior residents and communities, helping build a lifelong education system for the public, narrowing the education gap, and promoting fairer education. 

According to a higher-up at Yangquan Open University, the university will take the renaming as a new start to develop more targeted and customized open educational products and services, and give equal emphasis to the development of academic and non-academic education.