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Unmanned commercial vehicles hit Yangquan roads

Updated: 2021-08-25


An unmanned autonomous commercial vehicle serves a young gent in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News]

A fleet of unmanned 5G-powered autonomous commercial vehicles recently started operation on the streets of Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province.

At Yangquan's Beishan Park and Sanhe Park, residents can now use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the unmanned autonomous vehicles, choose the goods they want to buy and then open the locker door to get the purchased items after payment. 

The unmanned vehicles come equipped with an L4-level autonomous driving system, an internet of vehicles AI platform, a modular smart box car and can run on most roads. Also, they are equipped with a smart battery swap system, allowing them to run 100 kilometers after 5 hours of charging. 


The fleet of new 5G-based commercial unmanned autonomous vehicles stands ready to head out onto the streets of Yangquan city. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News]

The vehicles were developed by Neolix Zhihang (Shanxi) Technologies Co based in the city, a technologically innovative manufacturer that integrates L4-level autonomous driving technology, the production of unmanned vehicles and city-wide logistics. 

According to Xu Lei, manager of the North China region of Neolix Technologies Co, the vehicles have refrigeration and heating functions and they can transport commodities to communities, office buildings, business districts, hospitals and schools by using advanced autonomous driving technology, which saves labor and room renting costs. 

In addition to the retail sector, the vehicles can also be used in a variety of other functions such as in security, catering, medicine and healthcare – to provide people with personalized, diverse and high-quality services. More of these vehicles will soon be operating in the Yangquan High-tech Entrepreneurship Park and in other city venues.

The vehicles are part of Neolix Zhihang (Shanxi) Technologies Co's commercial application demonstration project for 5G-powered unmanned autonomous vehicles. This involves an autonomous driving calibration center, a remote driving command center, an unmanned vehicle intelligent exhibition hall and an autonomous driving super data center. 

Moving forward, the company plans to help accelerate the development of the big data sector.

It will roll out a comprehensive service system that integrates data collection, cleaning, labeling and other applications. The goal is for this to attract partners in various fields – including radar, cameras, high-precision satellite positioning, inertial navigation and 5G – to settle in Yangquan and to develop the city into a national benchmark demonstration area for the commercial application of unmanned vehicles.