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Yangquan city launches key freight train service to Mongolia

Updated: 2021-06-22


A train loaded with refractory materials departs Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province for Darhan in Mongolia on June 20. [Photo/sxgov.cn] 

A train loaded with refractory materials on June 20 departed Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province, bound for Darhan city in the neighboring country Mongolia. 

The freight train, jointly operated by Yangquan's government and China Railway Express Co, started out from Baiyangshu Railway Station. 

It will proceed via Ereenhot Port land checkpoint in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region and then head to the border town of Zamyn-Uud in Mongolia, before arriving at its destination. 

It's the first international freight train from Yangquan, marking the opening of a new railway logistics channel connecting the city to the world. 

The introduction of international freight train has changed the inward-oriented economic structure of Yangquan and is regarded as being of great significance to the city turning into a world-class industrial cluster and an open region in inland China. 

Following the launch of the freight train, the international transport line between Yangquan and Mongolia's Darhan will ramp up to normal operational levels quickly. 

Moving forwards, Yangquan plans to optimize its business environment, improve its services, fine tune its transportation infrastructure and develop itself as a regional logistics hub in eastern Shanxi.

It will also aim to become a railway logistics distribution base that serves the whole country and links Europe and Asia – as well as a multimodal transport innovation base and a demonstration base serving the Belt and Road Initiative.