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Shanxi's top spots to appreciate spring flowers

Updated: 2021-04-12

Shanxi Department of Culture and Tourism recently launched a list of top spots to appreciate 10 major spring flowers, namely apricot, peach, canola, bauhinia, forsythia, winter jasmine, Chinese herbaceous peony, peony, mountain cherry and pear blossoms.

Here are the 62 sites in 11 cities across Shanxi province to appreciate the colorful arrival of spring.


Peach blossoms in Taolin Ditch in Yangquan city [Photo/yqnews.com.cn]

Peach blossoms

Flowering period: March to early May

Recommended sites: Hengshan Mountain scenic area in Datong city; Sanggan River Wetland Park in Shentou township, Shuozhou city; Taolin Ditch in Yangquan city; Bailusi Mountain in Jinzhong city; North Wudang Mountain scenic area in Lyuliang city; Jiunyuxian Lake in Jincheng city; Jin Kingdom scenic area in Linfen city; Taohua Peak in Taocun township, Yanhu district, Yuncheng city


People take photos in canola blossoms in Shanxi. [Photo/Changzhi Daily]

Canola blossoms

Flowering period: mid-March to early April

Recommended sites: Shiposhui Agricultural Sightseeing Park in Yangquan; Guanque Tower, Shentan Grand Canyon scenic area and Shipengou Mountain in Yuncheng

Bauhinia blossoms

Flowering period: March to May

Recommended sites: Taiyuan Forest Park in Taiyuan; Zijing Mountain in Shuozhou; Fenhe River Park and Hongtong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden in Linfen; Yongle Palace in Yuncheng


Forsythia blossoms in Yicheng county, Linfen city [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Forsythia blossoms

Flowering period: mid-March to May

Recommended sites: Xier River scenic area, Jinshan Yinshan sightseeing road and Tongtian Gorge in Changzhi city; Xiandonggou scenic area and Xiangshan Forsythia Theme Park in Linfen; Ziyun Temple in Yuncheng

Winter jasmine blossoms

Flowering period: late March to April

Recommended sites: Xuefu Park in Taiyuan; Chang Family Manor in Jinzhong; Yao Temple, Longshuyu scenic area and Impression Pastoral Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park in Linfen

Chinese herbaceous peony blossoms

Flowering period: April to May

Recommended sites: Yifen Park in Taiyuan; Gulian Chinese herbaceous peony Park in Jinzhong; Puxian Wetland Park and Sang'e Peony Park in Linfen; Dianshang village in Wenxi county and Chenzhang village in Pinglu county, Yuncheng city

Apricot blossoms

Flowering period: March to mid to late April

Recommended sites: Wanbailin Ecological Park in Taiyuan; Shoukoubao in Datong; Guangwu and Fanjiayao villages in Shuozhou; Zhaojiazhuang village in Xinzhou city; Fenjiu cultural scenic area in Lyuliang; Shanliquan scenic area in Jincheng 

Mountain cherry blossoms

Flowering period: April to May

Recommended sites: Yuquan Mountain Forest Park in Taiyuan; Huayan Temple in Datong; Duiyun Cave scenic area and Xiyaogou village in Yuncheng 

Peony blossoms

Flowering period: mid-April to June

Recommended sites: Jinci Park and Yongzuo Temple in Taiyuan; Dalongmen scenic area in Xinzhou; Xiazhou village in Jinzhong; peony cultural scenic area in Guxian county and Zhaocheng Peony park in Linfen; Shengtian Lake in Yuncheng

Pear blossoms

Flowering period: mid to late April to May

Recommended sites: Zigan township and Tongchuan town in Xinzhou; Yifeng Ecological Park in Yangquan; Xiangyuan and Shanghu townships in Jinzhong; Taiping village in Linfen; Pear Cultural Themed Park in Yuncheng