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Robot guide on duty in Yangquan Museum

Updated: 2020-08-17


Visitors interact with the new intelligent robot guide in Yangquan Museum. [Photo/yqnews.com.cn]

The first intelligent robot guide at a public cultural venue in North China's Yangquan city recently went on duty in Yangquan Museum, according to local officials.

The 5G-based intelligent robot was completely independently developed by Chinese service robot manufacturer Orion Star. 

It comes equipped with a leading industry chip system, an indoor navigation system, multiple sensors and wide-angle and stereo cameras.

These allow it to accurately perform face and human body recognition. Following age analysis, gesture recognition, object recognition and other processes, it can fully interact with visitors based on special algorithms and speech synthesis technology. 

A large amount of information about Yangquan's history and culture -- as well as 54 sites in the museum -- are stored in the robot guide, which can provide visitors with three routes to tour the museum and answer visitors' questions about exhibits.