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Self-driving travel route recommended in rural Yangquan

Updated: 2020-08-12

Route: Wangtanzui village in Sunjiazhuang town, Yuxian county -- Zuizishang village in Xinanyu town, Jiaoqu district -- Hongyanling village in Chakou town, Pingding county -- Niangziguan village in Niangziguan town, Pingding county -- Qigen village in Donghui town, Pingding county -- Songjiazhuang village in Guanshan town, Pingding county -- Xiaohe village in Yijin town, Chengqu district -- Taolingou village in Pingtan town, Jiaoqu district -- Nanzhuang village in Jucheng town, Pingding county.

This route explores the ancient villages and the farming culture in the Taihang Mountains.