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Yangquan prepares for annual national college entrance exam

Updated: 2020-07-01

Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province will see 9,524 students participate in this year's national college entrance examination or gaokao on July 7 and 8.

The city has established five test sites, with 327 test rooms for the exam.

According to the Yangquan education bureau, novel coronavirus prevention and control measures have already begun being implemented at the test sites.

Each site will have its own special isolation exam rooms and spare test rooms. Rooms will be disinfected and ventilated daily to ensure sanitation -- and preparations are being made for test sites to have sufficient epidemic prevention materials.

Schools are being required to increase their psychological counseling of examinees before gaokao, so examinees can have a good attitude towards the examination. 

Students must hand in health status forms and letters of commitment, wear masks and take temperature measurements before entering test sites during the exam period.

After the exam, the Yangquan Enrollment and Examination Center will regularly update gaokao information on websites and its WeChat account and offer services including answering examinees' questions, providing advice on filling in forms for college applications and explaining exam-related policies.