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Yangquan makes progress in driving smart roads forwards

Updated: 2020-06-15

A demonstration zone project for an autonomous driving and vehicle infrastructure cooperative system in Yangquan city has made substantive progress.

The installation of intelligent infrastructure at six intersections on Dalian Street, a main road in the Yangquan Economic and Technological Development Area in the city, was recently completed.

It's a benchmark project for the development of new infrastructure involving the artificial intelligence and internet of things sectors.

The project consists of sub-projects: the auto driving and vehicle infrastructure cooperative system for urban roads and highways and the construction of 5G base stations for the internet of vehicles. 

The cooperative system sub-project includes the construction of multi-level cloud control platforms and the intelligent reconstruction of roadside infrastructure.

Shi Qinjun, the project operation director for contractor Yangquan Pilot Technology Industry Co, said the system use advanced wireless communications and the new generation of internet technologies to implement real-time dynamic information exchanges between vehicles and vehicles and roads.

It also collects and integrates dynamic traffic information, so as to carry out active vehicle safety controls and collaborative road management.

Officials said the intelligent vehicle part of the new cooperative system conducted a successful trail run in Yangquan Economic and Technological Development Area in March and May and the intelligent road is still under construction. 

The contractor began installing cameras, radars and equipment boxes at the original traffic signal posts in March -- at the intersections of Dalian Street and Baojin Road, Ningbo Road, Hongqiao Road and Qingdao Road -- to collect and record the real-time information of roads. 

Moving forwards, the company will adjust the installed equipment. It will also accelerate the development of an intelligent transportation infrastructure environment that integrates perceptions, communications and computing -- and form a demonstration system for intelligent internet connected vehicles, intelligent roads and a cloud control platform.