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Yangquan No 1 High School

Updated: 2019-05-08


Yangquan No 1 High School, located at No 101 Pingding Road in Yangquan has a planned land area of 591.88 mu (1 mu=666.67 sq. m.) and an overall floorage of 120,300 sq. m. The greening rate is 40% and the completed investment is 580 million yuan. The clean and serene environment of a good school culture in a natural and harmonious layout is an ideal place for teachers and students to study and live.


The school, currently headed by Zhang Yi, runs 20 classes of each grade with 3,000 students in total. Among 233 staff there are 213 full-time teachers, including two special-grade teachers, 71 senior teachers, two national backbone teachers, 20 provincial and municipal course leaders, 40 teachers with titles of provincial and municipal educational experts, 18 provincial and municipal backbone teachers, 45 graduates with master’s degrees, and 76 teachers with honorary titles such as excellent teachers and excellent class teachers at national, provincial, or municipal levels.


Focused on moral education and cultivation, the school has fostered 83 students of Tsinghua University and Peking University, and tens of thousands of talents from all walks of society, including well-known figures like Robin Li , president of Baidu, science fiction writer Liu Cixin, and ophthalmologist Jin Yan. These years, the school vigorously runs programs in education and teaching, management services, security, sanitation and cleaning and others in a sound and orderly manner. It has been designated a provincial safe school, a municipal famous school of education, a municipal famous school of cultivation, a municipal advanced school of school culture building, and a Yangquan civilized unit.