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Yangquan Vocational and Technical College

Updated: 2019-04-18


Yangquan Vocational and Technical College is a junior college registered with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The college is located at No 9 Yangquan Street, Yangquan city, Shanxi province, less than 1,000 meters away from Yangquan East Exit of Yangwu Expressway. It has a beautiful campus, covering an area of 31.97 hectares, and has a building area of 141,000 square meters. The college has a total of 167 full-time teachers, 165 with a master's degree or bachelor's degree, 71 senior lecturers and 64 “double-skilled” teachers. It has more than 2,200 students, and has established internship training cooperation with more than 20 major hospitals and key enterprises in Yangquan city. It also boasts strong training equipment supplies and its existing training equipment is valued at 14 million yuan ($2.08 million). Furthermore, the college has won an investment of 130 million yuan in Israeli loans to build a first-class training equipment base in Shanxi province.


Adhering to the philosophy of "high-level course planning and administration, high-quality employment, and distinctive development", the college has established majors in numerical control technology, mechatronics, accounting, e-commerce, nursing, pharmacy, and computer application technology. Distinct advantages in majors setting allow the college to have established cooperative relationships with Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Center, EZSVS, a leading comprehensive IDC service provider, and ZTE Corporation to build a first-class training base for data center operation and maintenance professionals. The college has also worked with the city's major medical units to create a first-rate cultural and health care training base in line with Shanxi's health care development requirements and the college's professional construction. In addition, it has been diversifying its talent nurturing, cooperating with Henan Zhiyou Zhenlong Education Technology Co in a "modern apprenticeship" training program, and with Shanghai Qiyu Precision Technology Co to take training forward on the "order-based" model.