This year, Shanxi is set to promote its development into a province that is strong in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Its efforts will focus on six key areas: strengthening institutional mechanisms, enhancing capabilities, bolstering the workforce, advancing scientific research, promoting TCM culture, and developing the TCM industry.

The province will advance the construction of the national demonstration pilot project for the inheritance and innovation of TCM in Changzhi city. It will also create one or two national trial zones for the inheritance and innovation of TCM.

Efforts will be concentrated on creating a cluster of specialist TCM departments and establishing several specialized and collaborative departments that will focus on combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

The province will conduct extensive training in suitable TCM techniques for hundreds of teachers and thousands of apprentices. 

The construction of the national center for the inheritance and innovation of TCM will be expedited, along with the establishment of several key TCM research laboratories and innovation teams.

Furthermore, the province will continue to promote TCM culture in schools, and it will accelerate the construction TCM industrial bases at Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.