The interior of the Shanxi Specialty Center in Taiyuan. [Photo/Yellow River News]

The Shanxi Specialty Center will open on Jan 31 in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province. 

Located in Shiping Street, the bustling commercial area of Taiyuan, the center covers an area of over 2,800 square meters and houses exhibition halls for 11 cities in the province and Shanxi's sister cities, along with an interactive experience area. 

It is a comprehensive display and sales center showcasing various specialties from Shanxi, including local delicacies, cultural creative products related to intangible cultural heritage, and handicrafts. Visitors can partake in hands-on traditional craft-making and savor authentic Shanxi snacks.


A variety of Shanxi specialties are displayed at the Shanxi Specialty Center. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

The platform will allow more people to enjoy Shanxi culture and help local producers expand their sales channels. 

It will combine e-commerce with physical exhibition halls to provide consumers with a more intuitive understanding of Shanxi's specialties, quality, and production processes. It will expand sales through industry summits, new media marketing, and thematic events.


Cultural creative products are displayed at the Shanxi Specialty Center. [Photo/Yellow River News] 

It also serves as a platform for cultural dissemination and tourism distribution, aiming to enhance the visibility and reputation of Shanxi by showcasing its historical culture and traditional crafts. 

The center will periodically host a variety of activities, such as temple fairs and lantern festivals during traditional festivals and performances and exhibitions on weekends and holidays. 

Through folk cultural experience activities, cultural tourism project development, immersive cultural experiences, influencer promotions, and the sale of cultural products, the center aims to generate consumers' interest in Shanxi and increase the region's appeal.