Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, was named China Climate Livable City by the China Meteorological Administration on Jan 23. 

The "China Climate Livable City (County)" title is one of the national climate brand designations. By the end of 2022, a total of 58 cities and counties across the country had been awarded this title. Prior to Taiyuan, Hefei, the capital city of East China's Anhui province, was the only provincial capital city to receive this honor. 

The evaluation criteria for the "China Climate Livable City (County)" title include five major categories and 41 objective indicators. They cover climate endowment, climate risks, ecological environment, climate comfort, and climate landscape. To meet the evaluation criteria, the overall excellence and good rate of the 41 third-level indicators must be greater than or equal to 70 percent, with an excellence rate greater than or equal to 50 percent. 

In the assessment, Taiyuan scored "excellent" in 17 indicators and "good" in 15 indicators, achieving an overall excellent and good rate of 78 percent and an excellence rate of 53.1 percent. 

Taiyuan features a continental monsoon climate that is characterized by mild winters, pleasant summers, comfortable breezes, ample sunshine, and diverse topography. Additionally, the city experiences few windy days and a higher number of clear days, with moderate risks of high temperatures, cold weather, heavy rainfall, calm winds, dust storms, and severe convective weather. This has resulted in low climate risks. 

Furthermore, the city boasts an excellent climate and ecological environment, with a steady increase in the proportion of good air quality over the last three years. The city enjoys high concentrations of negative oxygen ions, ensuring fresh air, and maintains a green coverage rate of 44.77 percent. Its major rivers, lakes, and reservoirs also boast excellent water quality.