Xiaodian district in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, has been recognized as one of the top 100 districts in the country in terms of their investment potential. 

This is according to the 2023 Small and Medium-sized Cities High-quality Development Index released by a joint research team from the China Small and Medium-sized Cities Development Index and the Guoxin Small and Medium-sized Cities Index Research Institute. 

A strong geographical advantage, abundant resources, well-connected transportation network, and mature and complete commercial system have made Xiaodian district a top choice for investors to Shanxi. Its optimized business environment, in particular, was the key to it being bestowed the honor. 

The district has taken the lead in establishing a business environment supervision committee in the province, appointing 12 experts, scholars, business representatives, and chamber of commerce representatives as invited supervisors, and 12 business environment liaison officials in sub-districts, towns, and preparatory committees to fulfill duties such as promoting policy, compiling lists of commonly faced problems, and submitting reports. 

Moreover, through such methods as publishing complaint reporting hotlines and conducting questionnaire surveys, the district has collected and tracked business environment-related issues to assist enterprises. 

The district's government service hall has set up an integrated administrative service window, enabling a one-stop service and allowing enterprises to obtain business licenses in just 10 minutes. 

It has boosted seven major local business circles and enhanced the aggregation of building resources. With a focus on developing and expanding the building economy and headquarters economy, a package of policies has been introduced. 

To better serve the commercial complexes in the district, the administrative approval service management bureau of the district has provided on-site services for building tenants, including business consultation, license processing, and policy interpretation. 

The district currently has 141 office buildings, where over 3,600 companies engaged in 22 industries are located, generating tax payments of 5 billion yuan ($697.79 million) and providing nearly 100,000 high-quality job opportunities. 

In the first 11 months of 2023, it saw an increase of 53,975 new operating entities, a year-on-year growth of 33.45 percent, to bring the total number of such entities to 232,432. More than 80 enterprises have been attracted to settle in the district.