Taiyuan municipal government held a press conference on the development of the city's transportation on Nov 16. 

The city has been accelerating the construction of its transportation infrastructure, improving the transport capacity, and developing a modern and comprehensive transportation system. 

Currently, with the Taiyuan Ring Highway as its core and a total highway length reaching 292 kilometers, Taiyuan has formed a comprehensive highway network. 

The service capacity of rural roads has significantly improved, with obvious enhancements in transport conditions. A tourism road network has also been established. This year, 150 km of rural roads have been built and renovated, and 91 km of tourist roads have been constructed. 

The quality and efficiency of passenger services have been continually ramped up. The city has launched 17 free bus routes and served 402,000 passengers for local major events this year. It has optimized metro operations, explored mobile payment methods, and provided convenient travel services for elderly residents and passengers with disabilities. 

In addition, the city has strengthened its development as a comprehensive freight hub. The Taiyuan Urban Green Freight Delivery Service Platform has been established and connected with ministerial platforms, and green freight delivery demonstration projects have met all the required standards.