Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, has issued measures to improve medical services and enhance patients' satisfaction, according to a plan recently released by Taiyuan health commission. 

The plan covers seven aspects of healthcare services, including improving innovative services, pre-diagnosis experience, emergency medical services, and outpatient experience. 

According to the plan, Taiyuan will promote online services and encourage the development of internet hospital services. All public hospitals at or above the second level will implement real-name appointment registration in time slots. Registration fees, application forms, payment receipts, and hospital deposits can be made online. In addition, online services such as daily bill checking, surgery reminders, report viewing, and health education will be provided. 

The city will gradually explore the "pre-clinical visit" and "pre-hospitalization" service models. For follow-up patients with a clear diagnosis record and the same disease, necessary examinations and tests required for follow-up appointments can be scheduled through an internet medical platform based on the time needed for test results. 

The city is implementing several measures to improve its emergency medical network and enhance the training of its personnel. One of the steps involves improving the accuracy of the 120 emergency call locations to ensure that help is dispatched quickly and efficiently. Another step is to strengthen the connection between pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency medical care to ensure a seamless transition for patients. Additionally, the city is exploring ways to streamline the processes for ambulances so that they can directly access critical care facilities like the catheterization laboratory, operating rooms, and intensive care units. 

In addition, Taiyuan will optimize outpatient services and upgrade facilities and equipment for senior residents and people with disabilities.