Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, has taken various measures this year to promote the thriving development of its market entities.

The city issued an annual circular containing 52 reform measures in four areas to increase the number of market entities, improve their operations and profits, and optimize the industrial structure.

It has improved the policies for scientific and technological innovation, with the aim of alleviating the burden on researchers and institutions and inspiring them to innovate. 

Efforts have also been made to attract scientific and technological investment and talent by building innovative platforms, conducting core technology research, introducing more technological achievements, and cultivating high-growth enterprises. 

The integrated development of development zones, characteristic professional industrial towns and industrial chains has also been advanced. 

This year, the city has added five municipal-level characteristic professional towns in the fields of motors, carbon fiber, semiconductors, stainless steel products, and flowers, as well as 15 county-level characteristic professional towns.

Meanwhile, Qingxu county, a local production area for mature vinegar, has developed into the largest vinegar-producing area in China, employing no fewer than 100,000 workers. 

From January to July, the city realized a net increase of 58,000 market entities, bringing the total number to 777,000.