West Mountain Eco-Cultural Tourism Demonstration Zone in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, held an online seminar with Tampere in Finland on May 12 on establishing international cooperation for sustainable development (SDG). 

The West Mountain Eco-Cultural Tourism Demonstration Zone exemplifies Taiyuan's commitment to sustainable development, as it has successfully transformed from an abandoned mine to a scenic destination through initiatives such as barren mountain treatment, afforestation, and greening. This remarkable achievement showcases Taiyuan's action in sustainable development. 

Tampere is the fastest-growing city in Finland in terms of industry, economy, and technology and has the highest sustainability index in the country. With a sound industrial foundation, the city has created a new "Tampere model" from an old industrial city to one featuring scientific and technological innovation, high quality, and sustainability.

Tampere highly praised Taiyuan's urban development, internationalization capabilities, and efforts and achievements in ecological improvement. It's full of confidence in future sustainable development cooperation between the two cities. 

Both parties have reached an agreement to promote the introduction of Tampere's leading enterprises and technological projects in various sectors, including high-efficiency negative oxygen ionizers, industrial sewage treatment, magnetic levitation air compressors, Arctic Circle cultural tours, Moomin Museum, orienteering, and music festivals. Additionally, Taiyuan warmly welcomes enterprises from Tampere to set up their businesses in the region. 

Taiyuan and Tampere also conducted in-depth exchanges on jointly planning and implementing various cultural tourism, business and trade, science, and technology activities.