The Regulations on the Protection of Famous Historical and Cultural City will take effect in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, on May 1. 

As an ancient city with a history of 2,500 years, Taiyuan is home to many cultural relics and heritage items, and was rated as a national historical and cultural city by the State Council in 2011.

The regulations will help solve new problems faced by the city in the protection of cultural relics. 

The regulations clarify the responsibilities of the government and various departments and require enhanced cooperation between Taiyuan and cities in central Shanxi. 

The scope and objects of protection are defined in the regulations. Taiyuan will focus on the protection of cultural heritage centers such as the Fenhe Cultural Heritage Corridor, West Mountain Historical and Cultural Belt, East Mountain Historical and Cultural Belt, Taiyuan Fucheng and the Jinyang Ancient City Cultural Core Area. 

The specific responsibilities of those responsible for the protection of key protected areas, famous historical and cultural towns, famous villages, traditional villages, historical and cultural districts, and historic buildings are stipulated.

The implementation of the regulations will promote the development of traditional crafts and traditional skills processing and production, tourism featuring intangible cultural heritage, cultural creativity, calligraphy and painting, and folk performances.