Taiyuan, a traditional industrial city in North China's Shanxi province, is stepping up efforts to develop its digital economy.

Boasting a sound industrial foundation, the city generated 42 billion yuan ($6.05 billion) in the added value of core local industries related to digital economy in 2021, accounting for nearly half of that of the whole province. Last year, the city ranked 33rd among China's top 100 cities in terms of the development of digital economy. 

Taiyuan has been attaching great importance to the development of the digital economy and introduced a series of policies and measures to further boost development.

This year, it will introduce upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in order to build a domestic third-generation semiconductor industry base and accelerate the construction of a domestic, independent and controllable finished computer industrial system.

To address the application needs of manufacturing, energy, and mining, the city will accelerate the application expansion of internet energy and digital mining, form an overall solution service capability for smart mining, and build a leading energy digital industry cluster in China dependent on local leading enterprises and innovation platforms.

It will expand the layout of regional data centers and form an ecological chain for the artificial intelligence industry.

Taiyuan will also promote the digital transformation of industry, comprehensively accelerate the digital transformation of the service industry, and improve agricultural digitalization.

It will accelerate right confirmation, authorization and use of public data, enterprise data, and personal data according to different categories and levels, so as to effectively promote the flow of data.

In addition, the construction of a new-type smart city will be advanced to improve networked, intelligent and convenient public services and urban operation.