Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, will make efforts to develop into a national-level regional business and trade center with international influence in 2021-25, according to the local government's recently released 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for Business Development of Taiyuan. 

The plan stressed that the commercial layout of the city will be further optimized, and a nationally well-known pedestrian street will be built in the main urban area of the city through the renovation of the Liuxiang-Zhonglou Street business district. 

With the goal of becoming an international high-quality consumption center, Taiyuan will also seek to strengthen the Changfeng-Qinxian business district. Relying on urban commercial complexes such as Wanda Plaza, Shuangta Commercial Center and Suning Plaza, the city will accelerate the layout of convenient life service circles. 

In terms of the construction of the new urban business district, the city will build the Xiaodian-Jinyuan city business district, Jinyang Lake nighttime economy and holiday economic belt, Fendong modern service industry center and new city commercial area, focus on cultivating modern service industries, and introduce well-known complex brands. 

Along metro lines in the city, Taiyuan will develop an urban business and economic belt based on large-scale business districts, building economy, urban complexes, scientific and technological innovation, and urban commerce businesses. 

It will develop Taiyuan's commercial and trade service-oriented logistics hub into an inland port serving the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, a hub for the development of commerce and trade towards Northwest China, and an international consumption center connecting Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and Europe. 

In addition, Taiyuan will accelerate commercial and trade cooperation with surrounding areas and promote the integrated development of commerce in the Taiyuan metropolitan area.

It will accelerate interconnection with the economic circulation infrastructure of the neighboring cities of Jinzhong and Xinzhou, and promote the construction of collaborative business and economic innovation and development platforms in the urban agglomeration in central Shanxi.