Taiyuan's reforms to its system for protecting and utilizing cultural relics were recognized by the China Reform of Economic System Magazine as a typical case of 2022 comprehensively furthering regional reform in China on Jan 4. 

The provincial capital of North China's Shanxi province has adhered to the coordinated development of cultural relics protection and urban construction. 

Yingze and Jinyuan districts, both located in the city, were selected among the first thematic cultural relics protection demonstration areas in the province, while Jinci Temple and Yongzuo Temple were selected as pilot sites for the protection and utilization of national treasures. 

The city has coordinated pre-archaeology with the development of Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone and launched an exhibition on the archaeological achievements of the economic zone. It has also carried out protection on the historic relics discovered in urban construction. 

Taiyuan has also upgraded cultural attractions such as Jinci Temple, the Tianlong Mountain Grottoes, and Longquan Temple on Taishan Mountain, built theme museums, and made innovations in the research, display, and interpretation of cultural relics, and established a big data cloud service platform for cultural relics protection in the city. 

To date, the city has had five cultural relics upgraded to receive national protection and 10 upgraded to receive provincial protection. There are 541 cultural relics under protection, 2,237 immovable cultural relics, 18,198 cultural relics collected in museums, and 98 museums in the city.