Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, was included in the list of 2022 Top 100 Digital Economy Cities in China, announced by the China Center for Information Industry Development. 

The center recently released the "2022 China Digital Economy Development Research Report", which researches the development of the national digital economy in terms of digital infrastructure, digital economy industries, digital governance and data value. 

Taiyuan ranked 33rd in the list and was rated as a second-tier city in digital economy development, together with 24 other cities. 

Digital city refers to a city that has the characteristics of digitalization, networking and intelligence, digital upgrading and multi-dimensional expression of urban governance, government services, people's livelihood development, economic development with the help of information and communications technology, and the use of data resources. 

Taiyuan has focused on improving the digital economy industrial chain, innovation, talent cultivation and introduction, and capital chain, realized the continuous increase of the contribution of the core industries of the digital economy to regional GDP, and launched measures related to smart education and health information platform improvement, comprehensively improving the digitalization of social services.