Taiyuan, the capital city of North China's Shanxi province, officially announced its national land and space master plan for the 2021-2035 period on Nov 4.

Under the plan, Taiyuan will aim to build itself into a national regional central city with international influence, a national historical and cultural city, a core area of the national resource-based economy transformation demonstration and energy revolution pilot area, and a core area for the important experimental area for ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin.

By 2035, the residential population of Taiyuan will reach about 7 million, with its urban population accounting for 6.7 million. Meanwhile, the urbanization rate of the city will be 95.7 percent.

In so doing, Taiyuan will cooperate with Xinzhou, Jinzhong, Yangquan and Lyuliang cities to jointly boost the rapid development of the city group of central Shanxi province and build a new pattern of all-round, multi-field and normalized regional cooperation and development.

Meanwhile, plans are for Taiyuan to build the Jining-Datong-Yuanping High-speed Railway, the Xiongan-Xinzhou High-speed Railway, the Taiyuan-Suide High-speed Railway and the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Intercity Railway, and to expand the construction of the third phase of Wusu International Airport and the Yangqu West High-speed Railway Station.

What's more, relying on Wusu airport and the Taiyuan Linkong Economic Zone, Taiyuan is planning to apply for the construction of the China (Shanxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone in the city's southern area.

Additionally, great efforts will be made by Taiyuan to improve its ecosystem and environment and achieve high-quality green development.

They will include establishing four nature reserves and eight natural parks, promoting the construction of suburban parks, and designating 15 key areas for the protection and development of mineral resources.

By 2035, the city's forest coverage rate will reach 44.34 percent, the construction of green mines will be completed at 100 percent; and the treatment and restoration rate of abandoned mines will reach 100 percent.

During the same period, Taiyuan will strengthen its protection of river sources and space controls, deepen the protection and restoration of water ecology and water environment management, improve the quality and efficiency of urban sewage treatment, comprehensively eliminate black and malodorous water bodies and improve the quality and efficiency of urban sewage treatment.

Under the plan, Taiyuan will give priority to the ecological construction of the Fenhe River Basin and Jinyang Lake.

In addition, Taiyuan will enforce its industrial transformation, optimize energy structures, implement comprehensive governance and enhance its carbon sink capacity.