The key report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is being held in Beijing from Oct 16-22, proposed major strategies such as accelerating digital development and the transition to a green development model, providing a new direction for Shanxi province's development in new era.

Over the past few days, Shanxi's delegates to the 20th CPC National Congress have stated that the province will accelerate the comprehensive development of the digital economy while continuing to deepen the transformation of the industry, so as to promote the province's high-quality development. 

Sun Dajun, Party secretary of Lyuliang city in the province, said that the city is a typical resource-reliant city. It is necessary to transform and improve local traditional advantageous industries, such as developing intelligent coal mining, improving coal mining efficiency and safety, promoting low-carbon development and diversified utilization of the coal industry, and reducing pollution and carbon emission in the steel industry. 

At the same time, Lyuliang will boost emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, big data, cultural tourism, and solid waste utilization, and promote the digital transformation of industries by accelerating information infrastructure construction and developing big data projects. 

Lei Jiankun, another delegate to the congress and Party secretary of Yangquan, said that it is necessary for Yangquan to accelerate the transformation of the energy, agriculture, and service industries, and accelerate digital transformation by building provincial big data industry clusters and turning the city into a pioneer of IT innovation application, a city of intelligent autonomous driving and a model in smart city development. 

The characteristics of Shanxi's industrial structure make reducing the emissions of pollutants and adhering to green and low-carbon development crucial to the energy conservation transformation of local key industries.

According to Niu Guodong, a delegate from Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co (TISCO) based in Taiyuan, stressed that it is necessary to promote the transformation of enterprises with intelligent manufacturing and low-carbon emissions.

For example, TISCO has adopted intelligent equipment and intelligent perception technology to replace humans and improve operation efficiency. In 2020, the company became the first super-low-emission A-level enterprise in the domestic steel industry.