The gross domestic product or GDP of Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, grew 6.6 percent year-on-year to 120.17 billion yuan ($18.34 billion) in the first quarter, according to an economic survey jointly carried out on April 24 by the Taiyuan statistics bureau and the National Bureau of Statistics Taiyuan Survey Team. 

Three sectors of the local economy showed robust growth during the period. The added value of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors reached 575 million yuan, 46.72 billion yuan and 72.87 billion yuan, respectively – increasing 5.6 percent, 7.9 percent and 5.9 percent year-on-year.

The city's industrial added value of businesses above a designated size – those with annual revenue of 20 million yuan or more – increased 12.9 percent during the period, 6.4 percentage points higher than the national average. 

In terms of traditional industries, the city achieved a year-on-year increase of 6.1 percent in the industrial added value.

New industrial drivers continued to burgeon. The added value of the industrial strategic emerging industry and the high-tech manufacturing industry increased 22.1 percent and 25.6 percent, respectively.

The city's investment in fixed assets increased 13.9 percent, 4.6 percentage points higher than the national average. In particular, investment in industry saw strong growth, up 28.4 percent.

Over the past three months, consumption continued to grow in the city, with total retail sales of consumer goods rising 1.7 percent to 45.67 billion yuan. 

Fiscal and financial support remained strong as well in Taiyuan. Its general public budget revenue was 12.27 billion yuan, up 7.5 percent, while the general public budget expenditure was 16.50 billion yuan, an increase of 32.6 percent.

The per capita disposable income of residents in the city was also healthy, putting on 5.4 percent year-on-year to an annual average of 10,265 yuan.