Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, has attracted around 110,000 talents and their families since 2018, which has provided strong intelligent support for local high-quality development.

This is due to Taiyuan's long-term efforts in strengthening talent work, platform construction, and service guarantees.

The city has established an expert decision-making consultation system and hired 60 well-known experts and scholars, including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as "Taiyuan Party Committee Think Tank Experts". 

It has invested 1 billion yuan ($157.22 million) annually in talent funds for four consecutive years, introduced and improved 43 talent policies, and established a support and incentive system for outstanding talent. 

Highly-skilled professionals who have earned the title "National Technical Expert" have each been given a reward of 300,000 yuan and a maximum of 3 million yuan in interest-free discounted guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship. 

Meanwhile, Taiyuan has promoted cooperation with other cities and provinces and universities, carrying out more than 400 joint projects with over 100 colleges and universities and forming a number of cooperation demonstration bases such as Tongji University (Taiyuan) Entrepreneurship Valley and Taiyuan Smart Industrial Park. 

Seventy-four academician workstations, 82 provincial key laboratories, 78 engineering technology research centers, and 142 enterprise technology centers have been established across the city. And the number of local technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises surged to 4,978 from 321 in 2017. 

What's more, the city has taken various targeted measures to solve problems related to housing, children's schooling, employment of family members, and medical security for introduced talent. 

Over 1,000 talent apartments have been built in urban Taiyuan and more than 1,000 talent apartments have been built in districts, counties and county-level cities administered by the city.

The city has opened 13 one-stop service counters for talent and established a green channel for talent to start their own businesses there.