The first session of the 15th Taiyuan Municipal People's Congress opens in Taiyuan, Feb 22. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Taiyuan announced its 2022 socioeconomic development plan in the annual municipal government work report released at the first session of the 15th Taiyuan Municipal People's Congress, which opened in the city on Feb 22.

The provincial capital of North China's Shanxi province will take measures in 10 different areas, including regional integrated development, industrial transformation, innovation, reform and opening-up, people's living standards, and environmental improvement to boost local high-quality development.

Regional integrated development

Taiyuan will fully promote the construction of the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone and play a leading role in the high-quality development of the urban agglomeration in central Shanxi.

A 2-billion-yuan ($316.75 million) tech achievement transformation fund for the Taiyuan section of the Taiyuan-Xinzhou Integrated Economic Zone and a 10-billion-yuan industrial fund will be established to promote the practical application of scientific and technological achievements and facilitate industrial development in the zone. 

Financial institutions, State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private capital will be directed toward the zone’s construction and operation. 

The city will also further the construction of transport, education and medicine infrastructure to create a better environment for enterprises and talent. 

Industrial transformation

Taiyuan is planning for the collaborative and innovative development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of its economy, and will build a modern industrial hub with multiple core industries.

The city will accelerate the intensive development of traditionally strong industries, the cluster development of strategic emerging industries such as new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, information technology, and green energy, and upgrade the service industry and expand urban modern agriculture. 


Taiyuan will create a first-class innovation system and help increase national strategic scientific and technological strength by incubating more innovative enterprises, establishing more innovation platforms, improving systems and mechanisms, and introducing and cultivating innovative talent.

Reform and opening-up

Taiyuan will continue to deepen the reform of State-owned assets and SOEs, development zones, and agricultural and rural areas. 

It will undertake the transfer of industries from Beijing and eastern coastal areas in China combined with its own status quo, support the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone in building the RCEP Industrial Park, apply for the construction of the Yangqu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and advance the construction of the Taiyuan Land Port. 

People's living standards

Taiyuan will promote employment and income growth through more channels, enhance educational development with better resources, create a national health city, push for the construction of a national demonstration city for public hospital comprehensive reforms, and boost local cultural and sports undertakings.

Environmental improvement

Taiyuan will improve local air quality, strengthen the treatment and control of industrial pollution, ozone, scattered coal, dust and traffic pollution, promote the ecological management of water and soil pollution control, and strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.