Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, will further integrate transportation and tourism development to bring more convenient and pleasant travel experience to tourists.

According to the circular recently released by the Shanxi Provincial Government, Taiyuan will use local bus terminals to build urban terminals detached from other buildings at its Wusu International Airport to better connect tourist roads, railways and airways. 

Tourists will be able to enjoy services such as ticket purchasing, boarding pass retrieval, and flight information inquiry in said terminals. After checking in, they can take buses from the bus terminals to Wusu International Airport.

A short-distance transportation route revolving around Taiyuan will be built, and air routes from Yaocheng to Changzhi and Yaocheng to Lyuliang will be launched at Yaocheng General Aviation Airport to form a highly-efficient and comprehensive general aviation network.

Taiyuan will explore tourism transportation products, launch multiple-unit electric trains running from Taiyuan to Lyuliang, and improve the Taiyuan-Caijiaya and Taiyuan-Lingqiu rail services to further the integrated development of railway transportation and tourism.

In addition, relying on existing transport infrastructure, Taiyuan will build tourist distribution centers, attract travel agencies and transportation companies, and conduct online and offline tourist services with the aim of enhancing tourist transportation services.