The Shanxi Department of Culture and Tourism issued travel reminders on Dec 28 to residents of North China's Shanxi province for the coming New Year's Day holiday from Jan 1 to 3 and the Spring Festival holiday from Jan 31 to Feb 6.

To ensure a safe and smooth vacation for everyone, the department reminded the public to pay close attention to the development of the COVID-19 epidemic, reduce unnecessary travel and gatherings, and take personal precautions.

Before going out, individuals should familiarize themselves with the epidemic situation at their destinations, cooperate with relevant epidemic prevention and control measures, and avoid medium and high-risk areas. It is necessary to implement relevant medical measures in accordance with regulations after returning from outside Shanxi. 

Before traveling, individuals are advised to book transportation, accommodation, catering, scenic spots, and entertainment performances through specific channels to confirm that there are no new epidemic cases at their intended destinations. 

In addition, if there are any emergencies or issues during travel, complaints can be lodged at the government service hotline of 12345.