The Taiyuan branch of the Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center [Photo/Taiyuan Daily]

The Taiyuan branch of the Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center has provided significant support for the development of enterprises since it set up operations in Jinyuan district, Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, this January.

The center has been committed to building an innovation platform for small and medium-sized tech enterprises and promoting the concentration of the internet and 5G industries through its advantageous resources in finance, e-commerce, big data technology, and cloud computing.

By the end of October, 805 enterprises had set up operations in the center, including one unicorn enterprise and five listed enterprises, and achieved an output value of 7.4 billion yuan ($1.16 billion), said Shi Yanan, general manager of the Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center.

With the help of its brand appeal and abundant resources, the center has provided e-commerce enterprise training, traditional enterprise training, and cross-border e-commerce training courses for its enterprises and entrepreneurs, and has set up a short video operation center to help enterprises quickly develop live streaming and e-commerce businesses. 

It has also provided big data support to its enterprises, helping them upgrade their product development and packaging designs.

"Relying on the big data platform of the Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center, we studied the tastes and preferences of netizens, adjusted the packaging and taste, and developed products based on the suggestions of netizens," said the person in charge of the Taiyuan sales area of Zilin Vinegar Industry Co, which sold more than 1 million yuan in products in just 10 seconds on the online live broadcasting channel of popular livestreaming saleswoman Viya on Sept 23.

In addition, the center has been helping local traditional enterprises achieve digital transformation.

It has been building a modern e-commerce marketing system for agricultural products and offering complete solutions for agricultural products sales in Jinyuan district and the rest of Taiyuan through new product development, new brand building and the construction of digital villages. 

"In the future, we will focus on the strategic emerging and e-commerce industries, collect domestic and foreign innovation resources, and aim to become the top innovation and entrepreneurship base in China as soon as possible," Shi added.