The 20 enterprise technology centers in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, were recently named 2021 outstanding provincial enterprise technology centers by Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology.

The 20 centers include Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Transit Equipment Co, Shanxi Chunlei Copper Co, Shanxi Jiasida Robot Technology Co, and Shanxi Jinbo Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.

These centers have continued to strengthen independent scientific research and development, and achieved strong results in technological and technical innovation.

For example, the core R&D team of Shanxi Jiasida Robot Technology Co used bionics principles to directly refine and simulate successful experiences in the natural world and human life and apply it to robotic products. It has applied for four international patents, 10 invention patents, 24 new utility patents, 10 appearance design patents, and eight software copyright patents under the framework of the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

In addition, Jinbo Bio-Pharmaceutical's tech center became the first in the world to realize the industrialization of recombinant type-III humanized collagen and anti-HPV-anhydride bovine β-lactoglobulin, which filled an international gap in related fields.