The city of Taiyuan's first waterfront commercial block, Jinyangli, opens for operation on Sept 1. [Photo/Taiyuan Evening News]

The city of Tiayuan's first waterfront commercial block, Jinyangli, opened to the public on Sept 1.

Located in the southeast corner of Jinyang Lake Park in the city's Jinyuan district, Jinyangli covers an area of 18.63 hectares and cost about 3.17 billion yuan ($490.82 million) to develop.

The block as a whole is composed of 43 waterfront single buildings in new Chinese, metal, and post-modern styles. Looking down from the air along the central axis, the left and right wings of the buildings are separated on both sides and the second-story walls of the buildings are installed with large holographic naked-eye 3D screens.

The commercial block integrates catering, culture, shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing services, and is equipped with about 10,000 independent parking spaces. 

Smartphone giant Xiaomi, drone unicorn DJI, and VR experience halls have all already opened to the public, which will bring refreshing new business models and shopping experiences to visitors.