Taiyuan, capital city of North China's Shanxi province, issued an action plan on Aug 23 that is designed to control the amount and intensity of its energy consumption in 2021 – in a bid to extend its overall moves to go greener. 

Under the plan, the city's target in the current year for energy consumption per unit of GDP – energy consumption per 10,000 yuan ($1,544) – is a 3.7 percent reduction on 2020. In addition, the target is for the city's total energy consumption to be limited to the equivalent of 27.69 million metric tons of standard coal. 

Focusing on its strategic goal of achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, Taiyuan will focus on green development. 

It will boost energy conservation management in key areas and departments, adhere to energy technology innovation and promote the development of energy-saving industries. It will also promote energy-saving technologies, improve energy efficiency and move to achieve the integration of economic development and energy conservation. 

In terms of advancing energy conservation in key areas, plans are for Taiyuan to focus on seven fields including industry, energy and construction. 

Taking the construction sector as an example, the city's mandatory energy-saving standards for new buildings will be fully implemented and the number of green buildings will account for 60 percent of newly constructed buildings.