Taiyuan city, capital of North China's Shanxi province, recently released a list of major scientific and technological projects that will help to make technical breakthroughs.

The aim is to solve the key core technical problems standing in the way of their development, and more broadly to help build a modern industrial system supported by advanced manufacturing.

The eight major projects that were identified are engaged in new materials and intelligent manufacturing, with four related to new materials and four operating in the intelligent manufacturing field. 

Seven leading high-tech companies in Shanxi province, together with scientific research institutions, will now tackle key core technical issues in the projects that are hampering their progress.  

The total investment of the eight projects is nearly 700 million yuan ($108.02 million), of which more than 500 million yuan is being invested in research and development.

The combined development budget has mainly been raised by the enterprises themselves, supplemented by government subsidies set at 30 percent of the total R&D investment of each project, to a maximum of 20 million yuan. 

According to Taiyuan science and technology bureau, the city will identify more key core technical problems based on the need for technological innovation and the development of strategic emerging industries. 

This will be amid the goal to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, and plans are for the city to direct its resources to resolve these problems and achieve technical breakthroughs.