Extremely popular in the Xiaodian district of Taiyuan city, capital of North China's Shanxi province, Ergui wrestling is a form of Han ethnic folk dance performed by one person.

Under the concealment of costumes, the performers use a lifelike puppet with arms and legs to simulate a two-person wrestling action and perform with routines such as swiping, turning, rolling, turning, throwing, sweeping and kicking. The movements are funny, humorous, lifelike and extremely dynamic. 

According to Zhang Jianming, director of the Taiyuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, although Ergui wrestling is performed by one person, what you see is an apparent match between two people. The performance is combined with traditional music. 

Ergui wrestling is included on Shanxi's list of provincial intangible cultural heritage items. It is regarded as being an important part of folk celebrations, prayers and ritual sacrifices and is deeply loved by locals.