Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, will put its foot on the accelerator to boost the construction of new infrastructure, as well as the digital transformation and upgrading of industries, according to remarks made by Taiyuan bureau of industry and information technology on July 13. 

The city was included in the first batch of 50 5G commercial cities in China, and the bureau's figures showed that to date it has put 4,923 5G base stations into use, achieving full network coverage in the central urban area and key surrounding areas. 

Advanced industrial applications – such as cloud conferences based on the 5G network, as well as 5G thermal imaging temperature measurements and panoramic 5G-based live broadcasts – have been implemented one after another in the city. 

An industrial supply chain for the IT innovation applications industry has taken shape in Taiyuan – made up of CPU chip manufacturers, operating systems manufacturers, finished computer producers, supercomputing vendors and applications. 

The city's independent-brand computer and server manufacturing companies have achieved mass production levels. 

Under its network build-out plan, by the end of 2022, Taiyuan will have 6,000 base stations in total and its 5G network will cover all the city's urban areas. 

In the meantime, it will carry out 5G applications innovation and pilot demonstrations, develop 5G demonstration application scenarios and incubate new industries engaged in 5G applications. 

Plans are for the city to focus on the development of a new generation of information technology, green energy and consumer goods industrial clusters – as well as to integrate and share resources to build an industrial internet platforms ecosystem. 

In addition, it will advance the in-depth integration of new-generation IT and manufacturing and accelerate the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of enterprises.