Taiyuan city, capital of North China's Shanxi province, is growing quite literally greener by the year and it completed the afforestation of over 291 square kilometers in 2020. 

Over the past year, Taiyuan took the development of high-quality municipal-level afforestation demonstration projects as a  priority, focusing on the afforestation of barren mountains and increasing support for tree cash crop planting.

The city established a municipal-level forest tending project and an unfinished forest land management and protection project for the first time last year, improving the quality of its forests by increasing investment in afforestation.

The counties and districts administered by Taiyuan also promoted afforestation projects, to help Taiyuan develop into a National Forest City. 

Yangqu county raised funds to carry out high-standard greening on the north banks of the Fenhe River Reservoir, which played a positive role in further improving the forest coverage of important water sources in Taiyuan.

Elsewhere, Qingxu county raised more than 300 million yuan ($46.32 million) for county level greening projects, creating urban parks and promoting the greening of passages and greening along the Fenhe River, setting a new benchmark in Taiyuan city. 

Meanwhile, Xinghualing district prioritized the establishment of the Wangjia Mountain Forest Sports Park and exceeded its annual afforestation targets in 2020.

Finally, Jiancaoping district used the development of cash forests as a main path towards increasing the prosperity of its locals, winning high praise from residents.