The 2020 China (Taiyuan) International Energy Industry Expo opened on Oct 20 in Taiyuan, capital of coal-rich Shanxi province in North China.

Having run for eight consecutive seasons, it is the only national-level and international expo in China's energy industry that is approved by the State Council, China's Cabinet.

This ongoing expo is being co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanxi Provincial Government, and in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it features both online and offline displays and activities. 

With its theme of "Energy Revolution, International Cooperation and Green Development", the expo has attracted the participation of 137 companies from over 40 countries and regions -- including the United States, Germany and Japan, as well as 257 Chinese companies.

They have brought 15 categories of products to display at the expo, including solar energy equipment, mechanical equipment, biomass furnaces and boilers, petroleum-related products, lighting equipment and artificial intelligence.

At the opening ceremony, the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining Omar Paganini and Sadahiro Sugita, executive managing director of the Japan-China Economic Association, gave speeches via video link.

Experts and academics from China, Australia and Japan presented keynote speeches at an expert's forum and promotion after the opening ceremony.

Shanxi saw 27 investment projects and two technical agreements signed online and offline at the expo's signing ceremony of major projects and agreements on the opening day. 

They involved investment of 26.71 billion yuan ($4.01 billion) in the fields of new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology and new materials.

The expo runs to Oct 22, during which time livestreaming events are being held in 10 major online exhibition areas -- including exhibition areas for international exchanges, traditional energy, new energy, energy consumption, energy tech innovation and new materials.

Visitors can watch the exhibitions on the online expo and listen to explanations about exhibition area themes given by experts via computers and mobile phones. The online exhibition platform for the expo will continue to be open to the public after the event ends. 

In recent years, Shanxi -- a major energy province in China -- has aimed to become a pioneer in the national energy revolution. It has accelerated its development as a national and comprehensive energy hub. 

The province has also acted to reduce overcapacity reduction and optimize and introduce green development in the local coal industry, with the result that its energy industry has experienced booming growth.