Taiyuan city, capital of North China's Shanxi province, recently issued a plan to accelerate its evolution into becoming a national garden city. 

Under the plan, more city parks will be established in the city. Officials said it will establish five gardens and parks and five green spaces in each of its six districts this year, with the green coverage rate of parks expected to reach 90 percent.

Meanwhile, the city will speed up the construction of Taiyuan Botanical Garden, Di Renjie Cultural Park, Shele Park, Jinyang Lake Park (Phase II), Shuangta Park, Longcheng Park, Taiyuan Ocean Park, Nanzhai Park, Yingxin Park and expand Taiyuan Zoo. 

Officials said the conservation-oriented landscaping is another focus in Taiyuan's development as a national garden city. 

This year, the landscaping in the city will focus on vegetation planting and measures will be taken to strictly control the transplanting of large trees.

The city will select native and suitable plants and use seedlings cultivated in local nurseries. The ratio of green spaces to newly built and rebuilt residential areas in the city is set to reach 95 percent in 2020.

In addition, Taiyuan will insist on integrating its protection and restoration of mountains, forests, farm fields, lakes and grasslands.