The China Greatwall Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanxi) Base is now well under construction in Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park in Taiyuan city. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The construction of the China Greatwall Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanxi) Base in Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park -- a key information technology project for Taiyuan city in North China's Shanxi province -- is now in full swing, according to local officials.

They said that Taiyuan has been focusing on boosting its industries to strengthen its development -- by building a strategic emerging industrial cluster with an excellent large-scale layout, complete industrial chain and support facilities, which will also be a strong economic driver. 

Under the circumstances, Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park and the government of Jiancaoping district in the city have cooperated on developing strategic emerging industries -- especially in new generation information technology, new materials and the intelligent manufacturing sectors. 

The new China Greatwall Intelligent Manufacturing (Shanxi) Base, which was signed in July 2019 between Taiyuan city and China GreatWall Technology Group Co, is one such move. 

With an investment of 750 million yuan ($105.91 million), the production facility covers a construction area of about 70,000 square meters. There are plans to construct a big data industrial park, an intelligent manufacturing center, a chip research and development center, an innovation and R & D center and a civil-military integration center. 

Yang Hua, general manager of Shanxi GreatWall Computer System Co, said the plant will use the core technology of the information industry and the advanced technologies of the industrial internet to create an intelligent IT innovation factory.

This will provide integrated data collection, analysis, processing, R & D, manufacturing and applications, so as to satisfy the internet security and information needs of governments, companies and industrial indicators, Yang added. 

The major facility is expected to be completed and go into operation at the end of June, when it will ramp up output and achieve a design production capacity of 1.2 million finished computers per year.

It will further expand to reach annual production capacity of 2 million within five years, becoming Shanxi province's first leading large-scale IT industrial base providing products and services in North and Northwest China, Yang added.