Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, will adopt a traffic improvement plant for 2020 which will help ensure that the city's transportation continues to evolve in an efficient and orderly manner, according to local officials.

The series of measures that will be rolled out involve improving and managing street and alley environments, easing the burden on parking and further enforcing infringements of traffic regulations.

Officials said that all counties and districts in Taiyuan will make moves to further improve conditions of its roads and lanes, integrating 792 small streets and alleys that are renovated into the overall traffic management system. 

To ease public parking problems, Taiyuan will draw up new proactive plans, strengthening the management of parking facilities and promoting the construction of intelligent parking facilities and smart parking platforms. 

Officials said public parking lots will be built in shopping malls, squares, hospitals, stations and schools. Each district in the city will build two public parking lots with an automated parking system and install at least 150 parking spaces and three public parking lots with at least 100 parking spaces. 

They said the city will further implement Taiyuan City Traffic Dishonest Behavior Joint Disciplinary Measures and continue to work on tackling infringements by drivers and passengers, such as failing to wear seat belts and running red lights.

In addition, Taiyuan will upgrade 200 major intersections, as well as sections of road. The city will improve regional traffic organizations, optimize road resource allocations, ensure streetlights are installed on all main roads and the lighting rate is 99 percent – as well as implementing intelligent management of road traffic signals.