Taiyuan city, the capital of North China's Shanxi province, plans to start the construction of the fourth phase of the Fenhe River Wetland Park in May -- building a 10-kilometer ecological landscape belt in the northern part of Taiyuan urban section of the Fenhe River, according to local officials. 

After years of treatment and protection, the Taiyuan urban section of the Fenhe River -- the mother river of Shanxi province -- has currently been lined with a 33-km green corridor.

The third phase of project for Fenhe River Wetland Park, completed last year, added 3.6 million square meters of water area, about 1.8 million sq m of green space and 14.5 billion cubic meters of water storage capacity -- offering a new landscape platform for the city and sports venues for the second National Youth Games in 2019. 

Starting 500 meters from Chaicun Bridge in the south, the fourth phase will extend 10 km. It will involve river dredging, shoreline repairs, greening, as well as construction of landscape roads, bridges, plazas, pavements, gardens, parking lots, among other things. 

Once completed, it will be connected with existing wetland along the Fenhe River and together form a wetland parks with a total length of about 17 km. 

Officials said this will greatly enhance the surrounding ecological environment, facilitate ecological treatment and management of the entire basin of the Taiyuan urban section of the Fenhe River -- and provide citizens with leisure space closer to nature.