Traditional Chinese medicinal preparations made by the Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine on March 24 will soon be sent to overseas Chinese in Italy, Germany, Britain, and Sweden -- to help them prevent and control the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, according to the hospital officials. 

Three days ago, Shanxi received letters for help from overseas Chinese groups in the four countries, due to a shortage of medical supplies for use against the increasingly severe epidemic there. 

After receiving the letters, the Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine quickly organized personnel to complete 4,500 traditional Chinese medicinal preparations based on the recommendations of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the hospital's research and treatment courses that are targeting susceptible people.

The hospital's director said that traditional Chinese medicine has gained more recognition in the outbreak prevention and control and the hospital will continue to help prevent and control the epidemic abroad and promote Shanxi province's relevant experience to the world.