Volunteers in Pingcheng district, Datong, carry groceries to families quarantined in their homes. [Photo by Wang Zhongxun for China Daily]

Distribution of urgent supplies, free therapy and tutorship among the services offered by Shanxi residents                                

More than 3 million people in North China's Shanxi province spent their "Volunteers Day" by contributing to the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

March 5 was designated by the Shanxi government as the local volunteers day, to mark local people's efforts to make society better.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in late December, these volunteers have engaged in various jobs, including distributing preventative supplies, offering psychological services, advocating new policies on disease prevention and control, and maintaining order for local communities.

He Wenyong from Linfen city is a boss of a labor service company. He has been concerned about local workers who were unable to return to work, either in Shanxi or other parts of the country, due to transportation issues caused by the epidemic.

To solve this problem, he hired a fleet of buses to send local laborers to their work sites.

To date, more than 700 local workers have been driven to destinations in Tianjin municipality and Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.