The Taiyuan airport in North China's Shanxi province resumed operation of 74 air routes to 49 cities operated by 25 airlines in early March -- accounting for around 60 percent of the routes being operated before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, according to Shanxi Aviation Industry Group on March 5. 

With the improvement of the epidemic situation, officials said the Taiyuan airport will gradually resume normal operations of all flights.

Other airports in Shanxi province -- including those at Changzhi, Datong, Lyuliang and Mount Wutai -- will also soon resume normal operations.

Currently, the Changzhi airport has resumed flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing cities and plans to operate 40 flights per week.

The Datong airport has resumed air services to Xi'an, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Hefei and Guangzhou cities and plans to operate 49 flights per week. 

The Lyuliang airport has resumed normal operations on routes to Beijing (Daxing), Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Dalian and Guiyang, with an estimated 36 flights per week. 

The Mount Wutai airport has resumed flights to Hangzhou, Hohhot, Harbin and plans to operate 28 flights per week. 

Officials said passengers should check with their airline's official hotline for flight information in advance, or order through travel agencies before traveling during the epidemic prevention and control period.