The 10th Taiyuan Temple Fair will be held in Taiyuan Zoo in Taiyuan city – capital and largest city of northern Shanxi province -- from Jan 25 to Feb 9, which is the first day to the sixteenth day of the first lunar month, according to the Taiyuan gardening bureau on Jan 16.

Compared with previous sessions, this year's temple fair -- hosted by the Taiyuan culture and tourism bureau as well as Taiyuan gardening bureau -- will see more activities with the festive mood of the Spring Festival and more highlights.

During the 16-day temple fair, performances featuring the local folk culture, such as folk songs and dance, beigun -- the performance art of balancing a child on a rod attached to someone's back -- as well as shadow puppet shows, sugar-figure blowing and stilt walking, will be staged in the zoo.

A variety of interactive experience activities, such as a virtual reality aerospace carnival, an acrobatics carnival, slope skiing and a parade of cartoon characters, will offer visitors a host of different experiences.

In addition, a blessing area has been prepared along the roads in the zoo, where tourists can pray for the New Year. 

The organizers said it is the first temple fair held after the upgrading and expansion of Taiyuan Zoo.

To facilitate bookings, the zoo opened ticket service on its official WeChat account and Meituan, one of the country's largest on-demand service platforms, apart from ticket purchases that can be made on the spot.

The tickets for the temple fair are available after 17:00 on Jan 24. 

During the temple fair, the temporary ticket price for Taiyuan Zoo is 20 yuan ($2.91) per person and the student fare is 10 yuan per person.