Two 35-cubic-meter mining excavators produced by a unit of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group -- Mining Equipment Sub-Co -- smashed a record when they recently arrived at Tianjin Port, en route to being exported to Russia.

According to the export contract, the parent company will export seven extra-large mining excavators to Russia, breaking the group's export record for excavators. 

This latest exports to Russia are an upgraded version of the original excavators, the company said. 

They feature a large number of advanced designs, processes, manufacturing and alternating current control technologies based on the company's years of experience in mining excavator manufacturing. 

In particular, the excavators are equipped with a lubricant gas pipeline system, as well as heat insulation equipment for use in the local extreme cold weather on the edge of Siberia, to ensure normal operations below - 40 C. 

Russia has favored Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group's excavators for nine years. As early as October 2010, the company's first 35 cu m excavator was exported to Russia and entered the European market for the first time. 

After nearly half a year of installations and commissioning in Russia, the machine went into use in July 2011, passing several tests under severe conditions with flying colors. 

The high-performance and quality of the company's products and after-sales service have won it more partnerships and trade contracts from Russia. So far, the company has signed export contracts for 20 excavators with clients in Russia's Kemerovo, Krasno, Far East and Siberia regions.